Classes & Events

Here you will find descriptions of all classes and events offered or hosted by Roots to Health. For actual dates of scheduled classes, please see The Calendar. The "Read More" buttons to link to full page descriptions for each class are color coded as follows: Nutrition and Cooking classes: Green, Aromatherapy and Herbalism classes: Lavendar and Lifestyle classes: Teal. 

Aromatherapy Inhalers: An Effective Way to Use Essential Oils for Allergies, Stress and for Travel Protection

During this class we will talk about how inhaling the aromas of different oils might be used effectively to help us during allergy season, times of stress and how they can help to keep us healthy when we travel. 

Spring Cleansing: Learn How to Create a Detoxification/Cleansing Program That is Just Right For You! (A Discussion and Aromatherapy Class)

Spring Has Sprung! Winter is over and Spring is a traditional time for detoxification or cleansing programs. There are so many different versions to choose from: Fasting, Juice Fasting, Clean Eating .... How do we decide which is best for us?

There are two parts to this program: A morning class and an afternoon class. Participants can attend the morning class, the afternoon class or join in for the full day!

For Love of Herbs and Spices - A Series of Classes

A luxurious pampering of the senses, this series explores the history of herbs and spices, how they have been used traditionally for health and how they are currently used in cooking and aromatherapy. But these classes are also treats for the senses; with colorful photos, tastings of gourmet foods and an aroma sampling of their essential oils.

All of the classes in this series are in two parts: A morning class With history, story and Aromatherapy and an afternoon class which is the Cooking Class. Participants can sign up for either the morning or afternoon class or for a very special and unique experience, for the whole day.

Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils

Roots to Health Aromatherapy Presents....Our Signature Course in Aromatherapy!

Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils:  A 2 Day Course on How to Use Essential Oils Safely and Effectively for Self Care and for You and Your Family.

This is a highly interactive and fun-packed course where you will learn the different ways that we can use essential oils to help keep us healthy, and how to use them as home remedies for body aches and pains, anxiety and panic, respiratory health and pampering! (Go here for a definition of Aromatherapy and Essential  Oils)