Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils

What you will learn:

  • What essential oils are and which plant parts they come from.
  • How essential oils are produced.
  • The various ways they can be used and considerations we need to know so that we use them safely and effectively.
  • The conditions they are effective in treating.
  • Blending guidelines and an introduction on how to blend different oils together.
  • How to discern the aromatic qualities of different oils and how this effects the body.
  • An introduction to carrier oils used with essential oils in blending.
  • The therapeutic properties of 21 essential oils and the best ways to use each of these oils.
  • An introduction to the energetic properties of essential oils.


What we will do in class:


1. We begin with some lecture and story-telling (accompanied by awesome slides of the plant origins of our oils.).


2. We will learn a little Latin....Just a little!


3. And… there is a bit of science (but the science of oils is actually really cool and it helps us to learn how to look at groups of essential oils in a therapeutic way)


4. We will inhale the aroma of 21 different oils and we will discuss what we learn about them.           


5. We will do fun in-class activities that will reinforce what we have learned about the oils we are using.


6. We will learn how each of our 21 different oils is best used.


7. We will make blends! Over the course of the weekend we will make 6 different blends that you will then take home with you, including:     

  • A nourishing lotion blend
  • A massage oil blend
  • A room spray
  • An aromatherapy inhaler
  • A bath salt blend (and alternatives for those of you who only have showers)
  • An individualized skin cream blend (made just for YOU)


We will have so much fun!


What you will receive in class and then will take home with you:


Your manual which is chock full of over 60 pages of reference information that you can keep forever. It includes:

  • Definitions from the world of Therapeutic Aromatherapy
  • Buzzwords for beginners
  • Safety Information
  • Essential information on how to best store and keep your oils
  • A glossary of essential oils terms
  • Data sheets for each of the 21 essential oils we will use in class
  • Therapeutic properties of essential oils
  • "cheat sheets" you can quickly refer to later
  • The energetic emotional properties of essential oils
  • Recipes for blending
  • Resource list for supplies
  • A laminated quick reference chart on dilution percentages


And more!


You will take home the 6 blends you make in class.


You will become a part of the Roots to Health (RTH) community and you will be able refer to the RTH website for ongoing articles about Aromatherapy and Essential Oil recipes.


Who should sign up for this class:


1. Beginners who want to learn how to use essential oils for their own self care as well as for family and friends.


2. Those who are already familiar with essential oils through the companies they purchase oils from, but who  want additional information about the safe and effective use of oils.


3. Those who are considering enrolling in a professional certification course in Aromatherapy but who want a  good "head start." This course provides an in depth introduction to any certification course that is accepted by NAHA (The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists).


4. Those who want to take my more specialized themed classes in Aromatherapy (Example: "Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Season"): These classes are open to complete beginners but with this course as a prequel, the   specialized courses will then hold even more depth for you.


Cost of the course:  $325.00 (This includes both instruction and materials fees)


Instructor: Sarah Bearden, D.N.Med., M.S., CN

Check the Calendar to see when this class is being offered.

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