Spring Cleansing: Learn How to Create a Detoxification/Cleansing Program That is Just Right For You! (A Discussion and Aromatherapy Class)

Spring Has Sprung! Winter is over and Spring is a traditional time for detoxification or cleansing programs. There are so many different versions to choose from: Fasting, Juice Fasting, Clean Eating .... How do we decide which is best for us?

There are two parts to this program: A morning class and an afternoon class. Participants can attend the morning class, the afternoon class or join in for the full day!

The Detoxification Program Part 1: 10:00-1:00
(This is the basic Roots to Health Detoxification Program, suitable for any time of year.)

The morning class explores different detoxification programs and you will learn how detoxification works in the body. We will take the basic program and discuss how we can tweak it to suit our individual food preferences and lifestyle.

In addition to learning all about detoxification, this is also the Aromatherapy part of the program.

During this morning class you will also:

  • Learn about the sources of toxicity in our lives and we will focus on how to replace toxic home cleaning products with effective home-made green cleaning products. We will make two  Aromatherapy "green" home cleaning products.
  • Learn about the source of toxicity in many cosmetic products and we will make a luscious body butter that contains only nature-made ingredients.
  • The morning class includes the three take-home products and all handouts. Herb tea provided.

Detoxification Program Part 2: 2:00-4:30

The afternoon class delves into foods and drinks that benefit a detoxification program. You will learn HOW and WHY to include or exclude certain foods and drinks in your detoxification. This is the Nutrition and Food part of the program. But you won't go hungry: Our foods and drinks are so delicious we call our program "gourmet detox".

During this class you will also:

  • Learn about which foods, herbs and spices enhance detoxification and how to craft these into your own program.
  • Attend a cooking demonstration with 5 recipes that can be included in a detoxification program.
  • Learn about foods that are special to Spring and how they fit into a detoxification program.
  • Receive a recipe and handout packet that you can refer back to. We will also make our famous "Detox Pesto: recipe and participants will be given a sample to take home.

The afternoon class includes all recipes tastings, recipes and handouts and you will take home a sample of our special "detox pesto". Herb tea also provided during class.

The classes will take place in a private home in Kentfield. Directions will be provided to participants a week before the class.

Class Date: Saturday. April 16, 2016

Morning Class: 10:00 am - 1:00pm       
Cost: $75

Afternoon Class: 2:00 pm - 4:30pm       
Cost: $75

Morning and Afternoon: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Cost: $150.00  Snacks and Herb tea provided

Instructor: Sarah Bearden has been a practicing Nutritionist, Culinary Specialist and Aromatherapist for over 20 years.

For more information: Email: info@rootstohealth.com,  phone: 416-461-7429
Or visit or call: www.gatheringthyme.com, phone: 415-524-8693