About Roots to Health

Welcome! Roots to Health is the holistic health private practice of Sarah Bearden, D.N. Med., MS, CN. I am a Nutritionist, Aromatherapist, Herbalist and Gourmet Chef and I bring all these elements into my private practice. I am also a teacher and have created this website to be a place where you can learn about healthy and delicious whole foods, and recipes for healthy eating, and you can also learn about aromatherapy, herbs and how to use natural remedies for self care and how to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. I also offer classes in all of these subjects. Roots to Health is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work with clients in the Northern California area in person, and I also offer consulting services by phone, Skype and email for those from Northern California as well as those further afield. If you want to learn more about me, go here.

The Roots to Health Mission Statement

Encouraging people to reach their optimum level of health through self care with nutrition, natural remedies and lifestyle management. Through education, empowering people to take charge of their own health. 

The Roots to Health Philosophy

I believe that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself if given the chance. Through customized programs and on-going support, I assist my clients in achieving their optimal level of wellness by increasing their exposure to life-enhancers (whole foods, professional grade supplements, essential oils, herbs, healthy lifestyle practices) and decreasing their exposure to life-detractors (toxicity, stress, unhealthy lifestyle practices). But because I also strongly believe that life is to be enjoyed, the programs I develop are created in concert with my clients. These programs are practical, do-able and enjoyable. My food plans are designed for people who eat to live and live to eat.  

Some Definitions

The Roots to Health tag line says: "Optimal Health Through Nutrition and Lifestyle". What does "Optimal Health" mean? Optimal health for you would be the level of good health that you, as an individual, can attain. This might be different from that of your neighbor or your child or the movie star on T.V. Too often we are exposed to advertisements that extort us into setting very unrealistic goals. Our optimal level of health will be 

Self Care is an act of empowerment. Self care means looking after yourself in a healthy way. 

Whole Foods Nutrition 

Working With Colleagues

The services I offer in my practice complement the practices of both modern western medicine and traditional  eastern medicine. I am trained in and have received diplomas and certification in Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Herbalism and as a Chef specializing in whole foods. This is my scope of practice. I do not practice modalities I am not trained or licensed in. For any kind of treatment that is beyond my scope of practice, I refer out to my colleagues who are trained in and licensed in these modalities. I do not diagnose or prescribe. (Please read my disclaimer below, which is available to read on every page of this site). I believe that there are many different routes towards achieving optimal health and the best holistic practice is one that incorporates the best of a number of different healing modalities. I believe in what works

Within my own scope of practice I have seen the benefits of both the modern western scientific approach toward health and more esoteric, energetic or spiritual approaches. I see them all as significant and equal in their power to positively affect healing. When I work with my clients, I respect the work they are doing with other practitioners and I do not interfere between a client and another practitioner they are also consulting with. Regarding anything outside my scope of practice: my own code of practice is to respect and support the work of that practitioner. I often work in concert with other practitioners in support of a client and this way is best as the client gets the benefit of practitioners who are in sync with the health program the client is following. You can read more about this approach under the tab My Services.

Occasionally a new client will have been to another practitioner who practices the same modalities I do and the client is seeking another opinion. This, I will honor. It is the client's choice as to who they choose for a consultation.

Does this mean that I don't refer to other practitioners who practice what I do? Not at all. If I feel that a prospective new client would be better served by one of my colleagues who practices the same health modalities that I do but that practitioner's areas of specialty better match the client's needs, I will make the referral. 


We believe in the power of education and in the healing power of community, so we invite you to join our Roots to Health community where we offer in-person classes (California) in Nutrition, Cooking and Integrative Health Care and we invite you to join our web-based community where we offer education and access to information through our blogs, archived articles, YouTube videos, interactive web based tele-seminars and webinars. Sign up to join there on our Newsletter page.  You can also find more information on our Resources page. 


  • Providing one-on-one consultations where our clients received individualized programs addressing their goals and their unique biochemistry. We work as partners with our clients, providing them with the education, resources and coaching they need to achieve their goals. 
  • Through our consultations, classes and programs, educating people about nutrient-dense whole foods, how to prepare them, and about the safe and effective use of herbs, essential oils and supplements. 
  • Partnering with health care professionals to provide customized food and lifestyle plans for their patients which complement their treatment plans. 
  • Educating health care professionals about the nutritional benefits of nutrient-dense whole foods and the use of foods as medicine. 
  • Acting as a community resource for information about nutrient-dense whole foods and healthy lifestyle management. 

For more information, visit our Private Consultations page and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. 

About The Roots to Health Logo

Our logo depicts an infinity circle reaching outwards from or inwards towards the roots of a small plant. The circle is similar to the Japanese "enso", or circle, which is a circle not contained within itself, but which opens out to infinity. Our enso both feeds into the roots of the small plant and feeds outwards from the small plant's roots, depending on how you wish to interpret it.  The different brushstrokes that comprise the enso represent all the elements of health coming together in an integrative and holistic way. The little plant represents new beginnings and possibilities in one's quest to reach their own optimal level of health. One of the plant's leaves is large and full, showing the vibrancy and nourishment it has received from all of its roots or "routes" and the nourishment that it can return to the universe.